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A bathing agent of a scent of a forest born in Germany, a bar deserts.
Use fragrant ingredients that you feel during forest bathing · essential oil of pine needle similar to phytoncide · terpene turpentine oil. I will heal by bathing while exhausting a day’s tiredness

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Forest scented bathing agent born in Germany Bar deserts

“Medicated bath additive” bardezertz …

Of the hot spring ingredients, the quality is stable and the main ingredients are expected to be efficacious. Besides several kinds of weak alkaline ingredients as skin activator, softening agent, heat insulator, besides enhancing the heat retention and perspiration action, especially with the addition of extract oil of Matsudaidae, the exhilaration of hot water is exceptional.
Yuji in Europe regains health by the guidance of doctor in Kuahouse. The Salzbath is famous in the Kurhaus. Add ingredients to warm your body from the core by softening the fresh water that is strongly irritating to the skin, and feeling relaxed when wrapped in the scent of the forest. This refreshing feeling of hot water which promoted circulation restores fatigue of the day.
The birthplace of the birthplace of the Kurhaus is German but Europe is north of the Alps northwest, especially in the winter the severe cold weather is felt. So it is a country with rheumatic diseases etc. Those who can not go to Southern Europe for cold weather use bathing oil (Rachen Kiefer oil) for bathing at Doctor ‘s guidance in a hot spring resort.
The body becomes sweating and blood circulation promotion become remarkable, after that, it takes a rest from the blanket. In this way it promotes fatigue recovery by warming the body from the core.


Neuralgia, rheumatism, lumbago, shoulder stiffness, coldness, coldness before and after childbirth, roughness, burning, sprain, acne, chapped, chilblain, holding, recovery from fatigue, rash

■ Active ingredient

Coarse salt, Na bicarbonate, Na sesquicarbonate, borax, anhydrous Na sulfate

■ Other Ingredients
Turpentine Oil, Yellow 202 (1), Flavoring

■ Usage Notes

Please do not use for purposes other than bathing.
When abnormality appears on your skin, stop using it and consult your doctor or pharmacist.
This product can not be eaten. Should you swallow in large amounts, take measures such as letting you drink water and vomit and consult your doctor immediately.
This product does not contain ingredients that will damage the bathtub or bathtub.
You can use the remaining hot water for washing, but avoid combining with flexible softener, wash it off, wash freshly grated clothes, please rinse thoroughly with fresh water.
Depending on the area and season, the color of hot water may change depending on the concentration of chlorine contained in tap water.
Please keep it out of reach of children.
Avoid high temperature and humidity after use, close the lid and keep it.
Although it may feel the skin tingling by the action of pine needle extract peculiar to this product, please use with confidence because there is no problem in quality.

Please use 25 g for the amount of hot water 1802.